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The Watchers website is for believers who are faithfully looking for the signs of our Lord's promised second coming. We will do our best to cut through and eliminate the hype and report on events from a Biblical perspective. We believe in a PRETRIB rapture of the church and a Premillenial return of Christ BUT we DO NOT BELIIEVE that the SEALS of Revelation 4 are part of the Tribulation. As such we present significant Biblical evidence to support the belief that Seals 1-6 are for the church age and that when the 6th seal is opened, the church age will officially end. After the 6th seal is opened, the rapture of the church will take place and the armies of the nations of the world which come against Israel with GOG will be judged and be utterly destroyed.. After this event takes place an unknown gap of time will ensue until the 7th seal is opened. Prior to this God will seal the 144,000 of Israel, and the two witnesses of Rev. 11 will be ready to begin their 3.5-year ministry to Israel and the World. After the Gog Magog war of Ezekiel 38-39, the world will be lead by a false messiah figure to make a peace covenant with Israel, which will allow Israel to build her temple. With this understanding in place we as WATCHERS will report and explain significant events taking place in the Heavens above and the earth. We will tie together key, economic, political, social, geological, cosmological, technological and spiritually significant events that together give evidence that we are indeed living in the season of Christ’s second coming.



For 40 years Pastor Abent has been faithfully studying Biblical Prophecy. In 1994 he published his first book "Signs In The Heavens, Biblical Prophecy and Astronomy" and it was in this book he first introduced the significance of the Revelation 12 sign and the New Pretrib Rapture Model that removed the seals of Revelation from the tribulation and listed the Biblical evidence for placing the first five seals of Revelation 6 within and throughout the church age. Since graduating from Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary, Lansdale, Pa., in 1992, he has faithfully Pastored a church in Berlin MD, for 26 years.

Host Pastor John Abent

Devoted follower of Jesus Christ, husband and father of 3 beautiful children.I received Jesus Christ as My Lord and Savior in 1978..I have always possessed a hunger for God's Word, especially Bible Prophecy and have diligently studied it for the past 30 years of my life.I have studied under many godly men as well as at Trinity college of the Bible and Theological Seminary. God called me to start Pure Word Bible Church in 2010 and I currently continue to serve in The Lord's Vineyard with joy in my heart. Look Up for Your Redemption Draweth Nigh!!

Cohost Pastor David Diskin



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